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Monday, February 9th, 2004
12:08 am
I'm a brand new sky
to hang the stars upon tonight
I am a little divided
do I stay or run away
and leave it all behind?

it's times like these you learn to live again
it's times like these you give and give again
it's times like these you learn to love again
it's times like these time and time again

i fully enjoy the foo fighters and i totally respect Dave Grohl and the skill he has as a musician

By The Way...

This is Friends Only....comment to be added

current mood: awake

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
5:23 pm - uh oh watch out now....
::looks left::

::looks right::

::grabs a soda and does the happy wednesday dance::

i was so pissed earlier....i seriously wanted to kill everyone. but then it randomly changed and i am glad its a happy wednesday.

and why wouldnt it be? it IS humpday after all!!!!

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Take that and rewind back....Lil Jon got the beat to make your bootie go ::CLAP::

later kids

current mood: bouncy

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Monday, January 19th, 2004
1:30 pm - yay!!
well ya'll...one week left of this semester. finals blow but oh well. next semester is gonna rock. its so flippin easy!

1- AP Art-richie
2- Photo
3-Lab assistant for pc
4- stident aide for pc
5- physics-potter
6- individual lit-larose

like i dont know if i could have an easier schedule. which means i have to try really hard to make sure i dont fail. as all our friends have showed, its not the hard classes you fail....its the super easy ones that you just "forget" to do a damn thing in.

::sigh:: oh well. so much for a challenging senior year.

current mood: contemplative

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
12:22 am - UH OH!
ladies and gentlemen, i would like to say that there has been a shift in the winds. i am here to inform everyone that as of this morning, paul and i have begun the first ever MINI KEEP AWACK!!!!

its nothing we cant handle......its only 48hours....thats nothing for paul and i.

the rules are as follows:

so rules
no sleep
all energy drinks allowed

paulis1313: the death provision
paulis1313: if one of us dies
paulis1313: the rules are as follows
paulis1313: shotgun based system of claiming desirable possessions of the newly desceased
paulis1313: the opposing keepawack participant gets first dibs
paulis1313: ties in shotgun calls will be settled by a best of three rock paper scissors, which is played "rock paper scissors," and absolutely not "rock paper scissors shoot," as this is improper form.
paulis1313: premature shotgun calls for possessions will be rewarded with ebola, no more and no less than pure, unadulterated ebola.

oh how i love this game!!!!!! :):):):):)


current mood: amused

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
5:35 pm
today was so shitty...i was/am just really upset.

so randy came over at like 4 and we smoked some hott cigars. it definitly calmed us down and made us feel alot better. we took some funny pics of us being gangsta. i'll post them on my pic site later on tonite.

the next few days will be hard but as long as we stick together everything will be good.

by the way....Rachel, i have a present for you later!!! yay!

current mood: relaxed

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
3:53 am - uh oh!
the more i talk to you....the more i start to like ya kid!

on another note....me + billy are gonna get silly

NICK- i hope your surgury went well! i didnt come over tonite cuz i didnt get home til 130. i will call you tomorrow and will stop by to see you tomorrow nite! feel better love!

current mood: happy

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Thursday, January 1st, 2004
1:22 am - this sums up 2003
LiveJournal Slut Score for ~hyprgrl28
Percentage of your friends you've met 86.96%
Percentage of your friends you've kissed 21.74%
Percentage of your friends you've sexed 2.17%
Percentage of your friends you fancy 13.04%
Slut points 71
(Based on 46 LiveJournal friends)
Take the LJ Slut Test by ~skx comment here.

current mood: amused

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003
12:33 am - dayam
bored like whoa...

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Sunday, December 28th, 2003
3:38 pm - yayayayayay!
happy birthday bill!!! i am gonna get in your e-pants!

current mood: energetic

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Saturday, December 27th, 2003
3:13 pm - HOT
i just looked in the mirror....i am hot today. i mean HOT. if i was a guy i'd totally do me right now. speaking of hot i am going shopping to buy myself some hot clothes! peace!

current mood: hot

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Friday, December 26th, 2003
1:29 pm - happy-happy-happy-happy...........

Randall Seltz is 18 today!!!!

in other news: i work 4 to close....someone call me later and we can hang out fo' shizzle :)

chirstmas was small this year....presents, family, everything. but i am thankful for what i got: $50 from my cousin, $50 and a box of cereal from my aunt, A digital camera, hair tyes, gum, Chicago, and some underware from my momma, $50 from my aunt jo, and $50 from my G-ma.....$75 from my aunt janis...which i spent on 2 dvd's, a dvd player for my mom, and mongolian bbq with p-mo and bill last week.


i heart my Squishy!

current mood: amused

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
10:51 pm - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
christmas is now upon us!

today wasnt tooo bad...

watched SNL with my cousins

went to farmer jack with melissa, my 33 year-old cousin....everyone thought we were high cuz we kept laughing and we were buying total munchie food cuz we are fat hahaha

bought my mom a dvd player...ungreatful bitch...hahahahahha

she broke up with rick. now shes drinking and is throwing a bunch of stuff away.....

its 'bout time to start gettin silly :)

mom bought me Chicago. i heart that movie alot alot alot. and she got me some Smoke Eater candles....they are supposed to eliminate the smell of cigerette smoke. at least shes starting to think of me....sort of...

ewwww my dog is farting!@#$ grossssss

i'm gonna go watch Nightmare on Elm Street....gotta LOVE horror movies on christmas eve!

current mood: silly

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Sunday, December 21st, 2003
11:24 pm

current mood: bored

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2:50 am - hollllllllllllllllla
i heart hanging out with randy drinking energy drinks and watching weird ass movies at star at 3am!


have fun and dont break anything! :):):)

tomorrow should be grand!

*wake up and maybe brunch with mom (whos talking to me again)
*GLC with paramo and bill??? (maybe)
*hangin out with randizzo when he gets home from skiing with the boys

this break is already turning out kickass!!!

current mood: dorky

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Friday, December 19th, 2003
1:50 am - My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...
le sigh...

so its almost 2am. i just finished making the shirts for stat so we can get a few extra credit points. in about 10 min i am gonna type up our song. maybe i'll fold up the paper and write "playbook" on it. that'll give us some more points. FUCK YOU MARA WIRTZ! I HOPE YOU REALIZE YOUR EC ASSIGNMENT IS WHATS GONNA MAKE ME PASS THIS CLASS. IN YOUR DAMN FACE!!!

PAUL BOONE is online right now. hes writing his term paper. i give him props for writing his paper like 5 hours before its due. well technically, the paper is not due til the end of 4th hour...so thats like 8.5 hours. nvm.....

dude, someone is rob lee's LJ said i was beautiful. that made me smile.

ya know what else makes me smile? how my room smells HARDCORE like sharpie cuz of the shirts i made. but its not REALLY making me smile. its the pure and simple fact that the smell is making the muscles in my face freak out so it APPEARS that i am smiling. damn i suck @ life hahahhaha.

i dont know why i am sitting her on lj instead of finishing all my shit. lora=idiot. i still need to type up that damn song, finish a form for photo, do some HARDCORE studying for AP ART(cuz i am 3 seats back from KREEPER so i most definitly will not be able to see her test. plus bryan, dustin, and randy will also be copying off KREEPER...so by the time i read it off dustins paper....its gonna be so caveman.....that even i wont be able to decode it. not even with my ultra powerful decoder ring. hahhahah. i wish i had one of those.

so i bought a bunch of you christmas cards and candy canes. i will pass those out to ya'll tomorrow.

not to mention that i have to be at school by 645 to pass out candy canes as kids walk into school. maybe i'll just pocket the candy canes and say i gave them all out. STUCO-4-LYFE!!!!

STUCO = Students That Uplift Communism Openly

thats right children....We(the student council) are actually communist. watch ya azzes....we b comin 'round soon.


i dont even want to open my AP ART folder. i already figured i would fail, so actually failing wont actually upset me.....not that failing upsets ANY of us too dramatically.

i bought black&pink and black&red underwear today. they have the superman logo on them too. HOLLA!

ahhhh i have to charge my camera battery for bryan and paul tomorrow. i cant wait to see assistant coachs face when they sing about her ass. hahahhahhaha.

oh man i have to go do some work now or bitches will die.

current mood: hyper

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
10:00 pm - hollllllllllllllla
tomorrow will be easy

1ST HOUR- fuck you ms. richie...i am passing out while you "review" and by review i mean you flipping 45498965 mph through the slides i didnt even see/take notes on the 1st time you went through them. its only review to those who actually stayed awake for them.

2ND HOUR- watching "As Good As It Gets"

3RD HOUR- fuck you Wirtz....i refuse to give in to your Venn Diagram bs....i am sitting there doing nothing and being damn happy with it

4TH HOUR- type my work cited page and i am done with my term paper!!!

5TH HOUR- RollarCoaster Tycoon-for once potter, your stupidity amuses me enough to keep me happy for the week

6TH HOUR- all i gots to do is attach my paperwork to my photos

oh by the way....Bryan/Randy....are we still going to study together for the AP ART test on fri?? i'll purchase pizza if one of ya'll purchases the drinks. deal?

i love KATIE KRUPP for doing her term paper. i love PAUL BOONE for not yet doing his term paper. i am happy being in the middle of them. that is where i like it kids. right in the middle of KREEPER and PAULIS. ow ow!

ewwwww fucking kill me.....i have to leave the house now...even tho it is 1011pm cuz i think my mother is having sex......i cant wait to bitch them out when i get back

current mood: aggravated

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Saturday, December 13th, 2003
11:56 pm
all this exercise i am doing is making me happy. i am losing weight and i am eating/just feeling heathly. my goal is for ppl to look at me and say: "Lora, you are pretty" ::sigh::

anyhoot....that was just a random update on how my exercise is going. i weighed/measured myself today. 7lbs gone/1 inch lost. ahhh so happy!

by the way.....not on credit review in 4th hour....soooooo.....LETS SKIP SOON :)

current mood: accomplished

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
2:32 pm - "Roses really smell like poo-oo-oo"
i re-did my lj...its a whole outkast theme....i really wanna change the transition and the mouse and the scrollbar buttttt idk how. so for now it is good.

other than that today was just an ordinary tuesday. went to lunch with bill. he let me vent about ppl (or person) that is annoying me today. cuz honestly....if i hear one more extreme exageration out of him i will just slit my throat.

i think i failed the physics test...but i dont care because soon we will be playing rollarcoaster tycoon.

i am actually understanding the stat...finally! maybe i will get higher than a c on this coming test. ahh wishful thinking.

i miss kelly rose. i hope she is doing well at OU and i hope no one breaks into her dorm room, ties her up, and steals all her possessions.

i switched my schedule all around for next semester. its gonna be as follows:
1-ap art- richie
3-lab assistant-pc
4-student aide- again pc
5-intro physics-jabba
6-indiv. lit-larose.

i couldnt have asked for an easier schedule.

so idk about going away to school right after highschool. i really want to go to western or wayne. but if my mom marries rick and moves to nebraska, and i go away to school, then my brother will be all alone in the house. and i dont think he will be able to afford to live here right after he gets home. so i might have to go to Macomb or at least to a school i can commute to. i dont want to lose my house.

i wish i had a magic mirror or something where i could look at my life 10 or even 20 years from now to see what its like. the only bad thing would be that there wouldnt be any surprises. but if there was something really bad happening, i could change it.

god i hate rambling on like this.


current mood: happy

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Sunday, December 7th, 2003
2:27 am
*I have never known a wild thing to feel sorry for itself,
I have seen a bird fall frozen dead from a bough to the ground below, without ever having felt sorry for itself.*

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12:21 am - eek!
sorry about the multiple updates but who keeps on leaving comments that say 'gewnfkgunga' and 'oo lala!' ???????

its freakin me out!

current mood: curious

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