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"Roses really smell like poo-oo-oo"

i re-did my lj...its a whole outkast theme....i really wanna change the transition and the mouse and the scrollbar buttttt idk how. so for now it is good.

other than that today was just an ordinary tuesday. went to lunch with bill. he let me vent about ppl (or person) that is annoying me today. cuz honestly....if i hear one more extreme exageration out of him i will just slit my throat.

i think i failed the physics test...but i dont care because soon we will be playing rollarcoaster tycoon.

i am actually understanding the stat...finally! maybe i will get higher than a c on this coming test. ahh wishful thinking.

i miss kelly rose. i hope she is doing well at OU and i hope no one breaks into her dorm room, ties her up, and steals all her possessions.

i switched my schedule all around for next semester. its gonna be as follows:
1-ap art- richie
3-lab assistant-pc
4-student aide- again pc
5-intro physics-jabba
6-indiv. lit-larose.

i couldnt have asked for an easier schedule.

so idk about going away to school right after highschool. i really want to go to western or wayne. but if my mom marries rick and moves to nebraska, and i go away to school, then my brother will be all alone in the house. and i dont think he will be able to afford to live here right after he gets home. so i might have to go to Macomb or at least to a school i can commute to. i dont want to lose my house.

i wish i had a magic mirror or something where i could look at my life 10 or even 20 years from now to see what its like. the only bad thing would be that there wouldnt be any surprises. but if there was something really bad happening, i could change it.

god i hate rambling on like this.

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