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tomorrow will be easy

1ST HOUR- fuck you ms. richie...i am passing out while you "review" and by review i mean you flipping 45498965 mph through the slides i didnt even see/take notes on the 1st time you went through them. its only review to those who actually stayed awake for them.

2ND HOUR- watching "As Good As It Gets"

3RD HOUR- fuck you Wirtz....i refuse to give in to your Venn Diagram bs....i am sitting there doing nothing and being damn happy with it

4TH HOUR- type my work cited page and i am done with my term paper!!!

5TH HOUR- RollarCoaster Tycoon-for once potter, your stupidity amuses me enough to keep me happy for the week

6TH HOUR- all i gots to do is attach my paperwork to my photos

oh by the way....Bryan/Randy....are we still going to study together for the AP ART test on fri?? i'll purchase pizza if one of ya'll purchases the drinks. deal?

i love KATIE KRUPP for doing her term paper. i love PAUL BOONE for not yet doing his term paper. i am happy being in the middle of them. that is where i like it kids. right in the middle of KREEPER and PAULIS. ow ow!

ewwwww fucking kill me.....i have to leave the house now...even tho it is 1011pm cuz i think my mother is having sex......i cant wait to bitch them out when i get back
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