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My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

le sigh...

so its almost 2am. i just finished making the shirts for stat so we can get a few extra credit points. in about 10 min i am gonna type up our song. maybe i'll fold up the paper and write "playbook" on it. that'll give us some more points. FUCK YOU MARA WIRTZ! I HOPE YOU REALIZE YOUR EC ASSIGNMENT IS WHATS GONNA MAKE ME PASS THIS CLASS. IN YOUR DAMN FACE!!!

PAUL BOONE is online right now. hes writing his term paper. i give him props for writing his paper like 5 hours before its due. well technically, the paper is not due til the end of 4th thats like 8.5 hours. nvm.....

dude, someone is rob lee's LJ said i was beautiful. that made me smile.

ya know what else makes me smile? how my room smells HARDCORE like sharpie cuz of the shirts i made. but its not REALLY making me smile. its the pure and simple fact that the smell is making the muscles in my face freak out so it APPEARS that i am smiling. damn i suck @ life hahahhaha.

i dont know why i am sitting her on lj instead of finishing all my shit. lora=idiot. i still need to type up that damn song, finish a form for photo, do some HARDCORE studying for AP ART(cuz i am 3 seats back from KREEPER so i most definitly will not be able to see her test. plus bryan, dustin, and randy will also be copying off by the time i read it off dustins paper....its gonna be so caveman.....that even i wont be able to decode it. not even with my ultra powerful decoder ring. hahhahah. i wish i had one of those.

so i bought a bunch of you christmas cards and candy canes. i will pass those out to ya'll tomorrow.

not to mention that i have to be at school by 645 to pass out candy canes as kids walk into school. maybe i'll just pocket the candy canes and say i gave them all out. STUCO-4-LYFE!!!!

STUCO = Students That Uplift Communism Openly

thats right children....We(the student council) are actually communist. watch ya azzes....we b comin 'round soon.


i dont even want to open my AP ART folder. i already figured i would fail, so actually failing wont actually upset me.....not that failing upsets ANY of us too dramatically.

i bought black&pink and black&red underwear today. they have the superman logo on them too. HOLLA!

ahhhh i have to charge my camera battery for bryan and paul tomorrow. i cant wait to see assistant coachs face when they sing about her ass. hahahhahhaha.

oh man i have to go do some work now or bitches will die.
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