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christmas is now upon us!

today wasnt tooo bad...

watched SNL with my cousins

went to farmer jack with melissa, my 33 year-old cousin....everyone thought we were high cuz we kept laughing and we were buying total munchie food cuz we are fat hahaha

bought my mom a dvd player...ungreatful bitch...hahahahahha

she broke up with rick. now shes drinking and is throwing a bunch of stuff away.....

its 'bout time to start gettin silly :)

mom bought me Chicago. i heart that movie alot alot alot. and she got me some Smoke Eater candles....they are supposed to eliminate the smell of cigerette smoke. at least shes starting to think of me....sort of...

ewwww my dog is farting!@#$ grossssss

i'm gonna go watch Nightmare on Elm Street....gotta LOVE horror movies on christmas eve!
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