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ladies and gentlemen, i would like to say that there has been a shift in the winds. i am here to inform everyone that as of this morning, paul and i have begun the first ever MINI KEEP AWACK!!!!

its nothing we cant handle......its only 48hours....thats nothing for paul and i.

the rules are as follows:

so rules
no sleep
all energy drinks allowed

paulis1313: the death provision
paulis1313: if one of us dies
paulis1313: the rules are as follows
paulis1313: shotgun based system of claiming desirable possessions of the newly desceased
paulis1313: the opposing keepawack participant gets first dibs
paulis1313: ties in shotgun calls will be settled by a best of three rock paper scissors, which is played "rock paper scissors," and absolutely not "rock paper scissors shoot," as this is improper form.
paulis1313: premature shotgun calls for possessions will be rewarded with ebola, no more and no less than pure, unadulterated ebola.

oh how i love this game!!!!!! :):):):):)

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